What is Clued-In?

Clued-In is a resource aimed at second level students which explains personal finance in a concise, easy to follow, engaging format.

The resource helps students to explore their relationship with money, the good and bad, and to look at ways that they can make smarter, more informed decisions.

Clued-In has been designed for delivery by teachers in a classroom setting. Students are taken through the resource via a set of slides for each of the five units. The teachers’ handbook accompanying the resource guides the teacher through the resource, highlighting the key discussion points for each slide. At various stages through the resource, there are student handouts can be used by students to complete group or individual exercises.

There are two distinct version of Clued-In:

Junior Cycle Business Studies (ROI)

Clued-In has been adapted to align with the Junior Cycle Business Studies curriculum.

General Version (ROI & NI)

The general version of Clued in can be adapted for usage across a broad range of subjects. It is ideal for usage with a Transition Year group but elements of the resource align closely with senior cycle Business Studies and Home Economics.