Junior Cycle Business Studies – Intro

Junior Cycle Business Studies

Clued-In has been adapted to align with the Junior Cycle Business Studies curriculum. The Teachers Manual maps out how the resource intersects with the Business Studies curriculum and helps to identify the Learning Outcomes associated with each unit. T Clued-in can also be used to support Classroom Based Assignment 1 (Business in Action), CBA2 Presentation, an Assessment Task and a written assessment.

Clued In for Junior Cycle Business Studies includes:

  • Teacher Resource book to support learning
  • Handouts for students
  • Online resources
  • Slides
  • Numerous activities and strategies
  • Resources to scaffold and support CBA1 and CBA2
  • Written examination
  • Links to numerous Learning Outcomes in particular strand 1: Personal Finance

Clued-In will equip students with the knowledge to manage their finances smartly – now and in the future. The kind of knowledge that puts you them in control.