General Version – Intro

General Version

The general version of Clued in can be adapted for usage across a broad range of subjects. It is ideal for usage with a Transition Year group but elements of the resource align closely with senior cycle Business Studies and Home Economics. It may also be applicable for elements of the Leaving Cert Vocational Programme.

In Northern Ireland, the resource is an opportunity for pupils in Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 to engage with issues surrounding money and financial decision making, as well as developing their understanding of Financial Capability. Activities within the resource can be presented to pupils as part of Mathematics and Learning for Life and Work lessons, and may also be suitable in the areas of economics/business studies.

Clued In includes:

  • Teacher Resource book to support learning
  • Handouts for students
  • Online resources
  • Slides
  • Numerous activities and strategies

Clued-In will equip students with the knowledge to manage their finances smartly – now and in the future. The kind of knowledge that puts you them in control.