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Q1. There’s a new smartphone on the market that all your friends are buying. Your own smartphone works fine at the moment. Do you?

1. Get the new one – it’s got some deadly new features that you might use
2. Keep the old one – why buy a new one when the one you have works fine?
3. Sell the old phone to help pay for the new one
4. Wait and see what your friends are doing

Q2. You’re out shopping for supplies for the week. Do you?

1. Work out what you want before going and then just get those items
2. Throw whatever catches your eye into your basket
3. Look at the prices and choose what’s on special offer
4. Buy what you need at the start and then throw in other things you might need

Q3. Christmas is just around the corner. How do you prepare?

1. Suggest a Secret Santa to family/friends to cut down on the number of presents
2. Make a list of everyone who needs a present and decide a budget you have to stick to
3. Hit the shops a few days before Christmas and spend everything you have. You can deal with being broke after Christmas!
4. Borrow from whoever can give you money to cover the costs

Q4. You need to apply for a loan. What factors do you think a bank/credit union will consider when deciding whether to approve you for a loan?

1. How much you earn
2. Whether you’ve borrowed money before
3. How much you spend
4. All of the above

Q5. Sorcha needs a loan to buy a car. She has been offered a loan with an interest rate of 20%. Should she?

1. Snap it up, it’s a great deal
2. Take it. The monthly repayments don’t seem too bad
3. Look for alternatives, it sounds high
4. Turn it down straight away, that’s far too high

Q6. John already has a student loan, a car loan and a personal loan – but really needs money to go on a holiday. Should he?

1. Put the holiday on his credit card. He can deal with the headache of all the repayments after his holiday!
2. Think seriously about whether he can afford the holiday
3. Go to a moneylender. He has too many loans from the bank /credit union already
4. Talk to his bank/credit union about consolidating all his loans and dealing with one repayment every month.

Q7. If you damage your credit rating, have you..

1. Gone down in the estimation of your friends
2. Reduced your change of getting a loan in the short term
3. Overpaid a bill
4. Ruined your chances of ever getting a loan

Q8. Can money make you happy in life?

1. For sure
2. No, but what it buys can
3. No, plenty of wealthy people are not happy
4. No of course not, but avoiding unnecessary debt will mean an easier life!

All 8 questions completed!

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